Created project concept and pitched idea in formal presentation for approval; developed and followed schedule outlining deadlines and progress expectations for duration of semester (maintained throughout shift to remote classes in response to Covid-19); designed style frames; produced storyboards and established camera angles and tempo of animation; made sure all decisions and necessary edits to the storyline kept the project in line with its original narrative/intended message; kept detailed records and tracked completion of individual frames; composed, edited, and exported final product. 
Main character based on self portrait. Included below are some of the reference photos I staged/used to base the character's outfit, posture, and expressions off of. 
Original narrative (used for pitch):
I have fallen in love with pursuing a creative career, ultimately because the experience of designing is intrinsically rewarding, such that the end goal is (to a degree) just an excuse for the process. The balance of challenge and opportunity present creates the optimal conditions for accessing a state of flow or hyperfocus into what im doing, in which I can lose myself in my work. There is so much unpredictable beauty that emerges throughout the duration of the design process, and life, as success comes not simply in the end result but in enjoying the ride as well. My animated short will use modern illustration techniques to create an engaging visual experience as well as emphasize the idea that often the success in pursuing a career in the arts lies in the act of working itself. It was from observing the passion and enjoyment for working that my creative peers had that pushed me to pursue a career in the arts (something I had previously viewed as unattainable), and I want to show others the same encouragement to try too.
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